1.1 After-Sales Service Principle

With sincerity, responsibility and fast-response as the service principle, VictelGlobal have and shall continue to provide reliable services to customers.

1.2 Maintenance Commitment

VictelGlobal provides 7*24 hour technical support and shall dispatch engineers to the field to solve the severe problems that have already influenced the normal working of the system. And for the errors that do not influence the normal working of the system, VictelGlobal shall send out the corresponding modules for local replacement within 1 week.

1.3 Maintenance within Warranty Period

VictelGlobal provides 2-year warranty to customers for all products and for any problems. Within the warranty period, VictelGlobal shall take charge of the costs of the parts and freight from VictelGlobal to customers while customers shall send back the defective parts and bear the related freight.

1.4 Maintenance beyond Warranty Period

There are two options for maintenance beyond the Warranty Period:

  1. VictelGlobal shall collect some engineering and parts cost each time;
  2. The customer signs a maintenance contract with VictelGlobal and pays certain maintenance cost agreed each year for each channel, and VictelGlobal shall continuously provide technical support until the equipments are abandoned.

1.5 Product Updation

VictelGlobal shall provide in-time product and software updation service to meet the changing demands from customers.

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