• In 1997, VictelGlobal was established.
  • In 1998, VictelGlobal launched the 1st wireless distributed base station which was promoted rapidly in the metro field in China, and set up the wireless trunking system for the transportation bureau of Sichuan Province;
  • In 2000, VictelGlobal set up the first provincial 350M trunking system in China.
  • In 2002, VictelGlobal was honored "Science and Technology Progress Award" from the Public Security Bureau of China.
  • In 2003, VictelGlobal set up the independent R&D and production line, gained the independent intellectual property right, and launched the 1st trunking simulcast system with dynamic frequency assignment technology;
  • In 2007, VictelGlobal was granted the ISO-9001 certificate, and launched the 1st accentric simulcast system, realizing simulcast without toning under audio dynamic transmission via IP link;
  • In 2008, VictelGlobal was granted the high-tech enterprise certificate.
  • In 2009, VictelGlobal launched the 1st wireless Ad hoc simulcast system, providing stable and reliable system solutions to customers under harsh environment for emergency relief;
  • In 2011, VictelGlobal began to set up the trunking system for the whole Xinjiang Province (approximately 1.6 million square kms), which is the largest trunking network all over the world.
  • In 2012, VictelGlobal launched the 1st DMR accentric digital simulcast system, which was promoted rapidly in both domestic and overseas market.
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